Venezia, eternal town, città eterna, always equal to itself during the centuries, ha the magical power to connect to terms apparently in contrast: the unreal and the real, the visible which you could touch with your hand and the unvisible created by imagination. Every corner of Venice, every square, every "calle" has in it a millenary story which passing time don't make a simple remind but it's always alive and present: St. Marcus square, the Basilica, it's bell-tower, Doge's Palace, the gothic churches the ancient ways the shops.
Venice as eternal monument offers to the visitor an uncomparable variety of monuments, sights, visions, places and situations which you could not live in other parts worldwide. Venice city of arts gives you the chance to visit rich museums where to admire some examples of the art of the Veneto; or some international collection coming from abroad: Ca d'Oro, Accademia Galleries, Ca' Rezzonico, Grassi Palace. It's an incredible chance to make a trip through art as you've never thougth.
Venice as folklore town makes you live magical atmospheres through its unique events, some of them very old: the Carnival, The "Regata Storica", la Madonna della Salute, the "Sposalizio del Mare", the Redentore night festival.
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the Grand Canal
Sighs Bridge St. George island Rialto bridge St. Marcus bell-tower, Doge's Palace Doge's Palace