Coming from A4 Motorway "Milan-Venice", going out from Mestre Villabona's toll gate.

After you've paid the toll, straight on keeping yourself at right and take the first exit to VENICE after 500 meters. At the following roundabout (after almost 1 km) take the 2nd exit (when you take it, Holiday Inn Hotel is on yor right) and go on the viaduct (but don't take the first exit, otherwise you go to Marghera). After 500 meters take the exit on the right (direction "VENICE") and straight on. After two right curves and a straight, you'll arrive at the Mestre viaduct; you have to across it for all its lenght, keeping on your right and straight on. After it, you'll enter Viale della Liberta which is a big left curve (almost 1 km). Straight on and after the St. Giuliano's viaduct, always straight on to "Ponte della Libertà" at the end of which ther's Piazzale Roma Autopark.

 Coming from A27 Motorway (Vittorio Veneto - Venice) or A4 Motorway (Trieste - Venice)

Entered the Mestre's beltway which goes to the A4 Motor way Venice- Milan, take the first exit after the "Villabona" Service Area (direction "VENICE", "MESTRE", "TREVISO" "VIA TERRAGLIO (Terraglio road)".
The road goes down and turns slightly left. At the following rotonda, take the 2nd exit and enter the Mestre's main ring-road. Now you must straight on for about 3 kms, passing through 3 traffic-lights. At the end of the road, keep on your right; the road turns right, then there's a little straight and a bridge (on the top, RAMADA Hotel is on your left); down the bridge, the road turns ligth and then there's a wide right-curve; then straight on and after about 1 km, keep on your right and cross two channels (you're on the St. Giuliano viaduct). On the top the road turns right and there's immediatly a cross road (pay attention!); turn left (direction VENICE) and go down turning left. Then straight on for about 800 meters and enter the "Ponte della Libertà". At the end, there's Piazzale Roma Autopark. You're in Venice!